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More on the ASP.NET Security vulnerability

The past week has contained a bit of uncertainty around the vulnerability to ASP.NET’s security. The good news is that Microsoft has a security update coming to address the issue tomorrow, and should be applauded for responding so quickly. You only have to stop for a moment and think about the level of testing required for anything affecting a product such as the .NET framework to realise that responding within a limited timeline like this is pretty impressive indeed. However for those who want a bit more technical info (i.e. people who are simply curious about how this stuff...

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A quick note regarding the recent ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

Yesterday Microsoft announced an important security vulnerability with ASP.NET. Since then we have run the auditing script recommended by Microsoft on our hosting servers. All Site Foundation Framework websites pass by default, so all of our website customers can rest assured that their sites are safe from this exploit. 26/09/2010 EDIT: Scott Guthrie has posted an update containing more details. Read it here. 28/09/2010 EDIT: Microsoft has a security update coming to address the issue tomorrow.   Link: Important: ASP.NET Security Vulnerability Link: ASP.NET Security Update Shipping Tuesday, Sept 28th -Ross   Tags: Microsoft, ASP.NET, Site Foundation Framework

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