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Spotlight on the World of Mobile - Why do we need to treat mobile devices differently?

Before we start talking about how we might treat mobiles differently in the world of the web, let’s answer the question - why should we treat them differently? It’s obvious that mobile devices typically have smaller screen sizes than “full” or “desktop” browsers, and that the screens can be rotated to switch between landscape/portrait modes a lot more often than with desktops and laptops, but what other factors can come into play, and how might they affect the way a site looks, feels, and performs? Even without optimisation, most sites will function fine to some degree on a mobile device...

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Spotlight on the World of Mobile, an Introduction

Over the past few months we’ve had a lot of interest from customers about how their sites looked on mobile devices. There were some common themes in the questions we were hearing. How will my site look on a mobile phone? Why should I treat mobile phones differently? Should I create an app for my business? How will a mobile site affect SEO? Magnets, how do they work? We’ve just finished work on 2 large mobile specific projects and we’re about to kick off 2 more, so it felt like a good time to put together some information...

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