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SFF’s new ‘On Account’ Payment Provider

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Ignition is providing flexible solutions that can be developed further as your business grows and changes.  One of our customers recently came to use with the request to add further options to how their customers can pay for their goods. The Limery, a boutique Hawkes Bay orchard specialising in Limes, wanted their customers to be able to order online but pay via a credit account at the end of the month. This needed to be an option available only to customers who had credit approval and required sending order confirmation emails...

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Meet Swipe - the latest addition to our Site Foundation Framework payment provider options. Swipe has some great advantages for small-medium sized businesses, and is made right here in New Zealand. Why Swipe? Previously we were recommending PayPal for smaller/lower volume shops, and DPS Payment Express for larger shops with higher volumes. PayPal’s fees were low, and although it’s always had some limitations (lack of customisation options, and a bit of a mixed reputation), it represented a quick and cost effective way to take payments online. However an upcoming change in PayPal policy (or should that be PayPalPolicy?)...

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Builder’s houses, Tattoo artist’s girlfriends, and Dentist’s teeth

There’s a joke about how you’d usually expect a builder’s house to get regular repairs and expansions, however in reality it’s usually the builder’s own projects that are the last to receive attention. Similarly is the notion that chefs come home from work and cook themselves and their partner a huge 3 course meal – in reality it’s usually a toasted sandwich. Sometimes the sandwich isn’t even toasted. What am I talking about, and why? Well, there was a parallel with us and our own website. Not in terms of the design, but in terms of the version of...

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What’s cooking? Site Foundation Framework 1.7, that’s what!

We’re currently putting the final touches on version 1.7 of the Site Foundation Framework, and I have to say that we’re really looking forward to getting this release out in the world for our customers. A lot of the changes in this release are in the backend, however you know that feeling you get when you’re feeling good about a piece of software? Well, that’s the feeling we get when upgrading to this release. The skinning and customisation engine has been upgraded based on experiences gained from a couple of other projects, there’s been a few usability improvements to...

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A quick note regarding the recent ASP.NET Security Vulnerability

Yesterday Microsoft announced an important security vulnerability with ASP.NET. Since then we have run the auditing script recommended by Microsoft on our hosting servers. All Site Foundation Framework websites pass by default, so all of our website customers can rest assured that their sites are safe from this exploit. 26/09/2010 EDIT: Scott Guthrie has posted an update containing more details. Read it here. 28/09/2010 EDIT: Microsoft has a security update coming to address the issue tomorrow.   Link: Important: ASP.NET Security Vulnerability Link: ASP.NET Security Update Shipping Tuesday, Sept 28th -Ross   Tags: Microsoft, ASP.NET, Site Foundation Framework

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Committing the cardinal sin of a company blog

Eeek, it’s been a while since we last posted! Company blogs can be a funny thing. When there’s a lack of posts it looks like the company isn’t very busy when in fact the reverse is usually true. In our case it has definitely been a case of being incredibly busy for the last couple of months. For the most part we’ve been heads down and focused working on a couple of large ongoing customer projects, but we’ve also got some exciting stuff planned for the future which has been happily consuming the rest of our spare time...

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Site Foundation Framework makes GST rate changes easy

The worst-kept secret of the latest Budget has been formally revealed; GST is being increased to 15% on October 1. TVNZ has it right: Commentators say retailers who don't have the benefit of experience of the previous hike in 1989, don't know what they're in for, and need to start preparing ASAP, because the IRD won't be forgiving of companies who underpay because they were underprepared for the change in only four months time. If you’re using the Site Foundation Framework, you’re sorted already: The result is that we’re...

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PayPal Instant Payment Notification and UTF-8 encoding

I spent almost an entire day last week fighting with UTF-8 encoding and PayPal IPN integration with the Tentacle Software store. From a development perspective, I really like IPN. It lets your order processing workflow accept payment notifications from PayPal when a transaction is completed (not just standard purchases, but recurring payments and even any refunds that you issue), and it’s been pretty much rock solid since we launched Disk Management a couple of months ago. That was, of course, until the ordering process happened to send a non-ASCII character in a payment request to PayPal (an accented...

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GST and the SFF

Chances are that National’s new GST plans are keeping some small business owners up at night and making IT consultants rub their hands together with glee. Most people will realise that a change in GST (or any  other tax rate) will mean a change to any computer system that involves money. Fortunately the developers of most modern systems are usually smart enough to store things like tax percentages in the application’s configuration – well, most of them are. Murphy’s law states that as soon as anyone assumes that “The tax rate won’t ever change!” then odds are it will...

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Site Foundation Framework for indie software developers

The old Tentacle Software website wasn’t a looker by anyone’s standards; it functioned, in that it served HTML pages with text and links, but it was by no means a stunning piece of architecture. In fact, it was just a couple of raw HTML pages and some JavaScript. Foundation In the run-up to launching Disk Management, we redesigned the site using a free CSS template and switched to Ignition Development’s Site Foundation Framework for content management and shopping functionality. Why SFF? Well, you can’t run a successful store on a crap CMS, and I helped write SFF so...

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Why we wrote the Site Foundation Framework

A couple of months ago on my personal site I briefly wrote about a post I read called Engineering your way to marketing success. I found the post interesting for a few reasons personally, but it was interesting from Ignition’s perspective because it mentions about writing your own CMS software which is what we did with our Site Foundation Framework. There’s a lot of interesting bits in that post (which is well worth reading in its entirety) but here’s the quote I’m talking about: Write your own CMS.  I would have totally disagreed with this...

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