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Site Foundation Framework makes GST rate changes easy

Posted on Sunday, May 23, 2010 8:56 PM

The worst-kept secret of the latest Budget has been formally revealed; GST is being increased to 15% on October 1.

TVNZ has it right:

Commentators say retailers who don't have the benefit of experience of the previous hike in 1989, don't know what they're in for, and need to start preparing ASAP, because the IRD won't be forgiving of companies who underpay because they were underprepared for the change in only four months time.

If you’re using the Site Foundation Framework, you’re sorted already:

The result is that we’re currently in a position where we’re not going to have to modify any code when the tax changes kick in. We (or our customers themselves) simply update a configuration value using the Administration UI, and they’re good to go – simple.

If you’re not using the Site Foundation Framework, well, you probably have some work to do before October 1 to get your eCommerce platform fixed up. You’d better get on that.

Or you could send us an enquiry about a shiny new web site and online store, built on the Site Foundation Framework.




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