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July 2010 Entries

Committing the cardinal sin of a company blog

Eeek, it’s been a while since we last posted!

Company blogs can be a funny thing. When there’s a lack of posts it looks like the company isn’t very busy when in fact the reverse is usually true. In our case it has definitely been a case of being incredibly busy for the last couple of months.

For the most part we’ve been heads down and focused working on a couple of large ongoing customer projects, but we’ve also got some exciting stuff planned for the future which has been happily consuming the rest of our spare time as well as a couple of smaller sites about to go live. On top of all this we’ve added a few small but useful features to the Site Foundation Framework.

Here’s a quick selection of what’s been added:

Silverlight Video support – customers are now able to serve up videos quickly and easily using Silverlight. Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin continues to gain popularity, and makes it very easy to integrate high quality video into any site or application. It also integrates well with the next item, which is…

Amazon S3 integration – if you want to store and stream video efficiently then S3 is the easiest way to go. We’ve added S3 support (with security) to the SFF’s lists area, enabling you to serve up video or other content to your users.

Social networking control – a simple and quick control which enables easy integration with services such as Facebook,Twitter, Digg and others out of the box.

Enhanced security model – our flexible system for secure content allows customers are now able to manage security for various items of content, specifying which types of users can view it. We’ve kept the security model simple, but flexible, so it should be able to cater for most scenarios but without needing to appear overly daunting.

Last but not least, we’ve upgraded to .NET4 (and of course Visual Studio 2010) – the upgrade itself was pretty simple, but it was one that was well worth doing. We’re glad to be running the latest and greatest version of the .NET framework, but also proud to be able to take our time with some testing and make sure that no issues have crept their way into the code.

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