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May 2011 Entries

What’s cooking? Site Foundation Framework 1.7, that’s what!

We’re currently putting the final touches on version 1.7 of the Site Foundation Framework, and I have to say that we’re really looking forward to getting this release out in the world for our customers.

A lot of the changes in this release are in the backend, however you know that feeling you get when you’re feeling good about a piece of software? Well, that’s the feeling we get when upgrading to this release. The skinning and customisation engine has been upgraded based on experiences gained from a couple of other projects, there’s been a few usability improvements to the administration section, and there’s been a couple of handy new SEO features added. We’ve also removed a couple of external dependencies and have upgraded some libraries/components such as jQuery and TinyMCE to their latest versions.

We’ve also got an interesting new module for SFF underway. It’s too early to talk about it much yet, but watch this space…



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