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October 2013 Entries


Meet Swipe - the latest addition to our Site Foundation Framework payment provider options. Swipe has some great advantages for small-medium sized businesses, and is made right here in New Zealand.

Why Swipe?

Previously we were recommending PayPal for smaller/lower volume shops, and DPS Payment Express for larger shops with higher volumes. PayPal’s fees were low, and although it’s always had some limitations (lack of customisation options, and a bit of a mixed reputation), it represented a quick and cost effective way to take payments online. However an upcoming change in PayPal policy (or should that be PayPalPolicy?) is looking to make PayPal much less attractive to some customers, and therefore also to some merchants. Previously, PayPal allowed customers to purchase using Visa and Credit Card without needing to sign up or login to an existing account, but this is changing soon. This means that any customers who don’t have an existing PayPal account will need to sign up for one before they can make purchases from shops that integrate with PayPal. Although this isn’t the end of the world, and many customers like PayPal, we figured it was time to introduce another option.

Swipe is similar to PayPal in many ways - you don’t require a bank Merchant account (which can be costly), it has no monthly fees, and you simply pay a percentage of each transaction to Swipe. What’s the catch? Not too much really! You’ll need to pay a one off account fee of $99, fill out a bit of paperwork to get approval for your Swipe Account and Ignition will need to upgrade your site to the latest version of Site Foundation Framework (which incidentally has a smart new look).

If you’d like to know more about getting Swipe on your website (or anything else!) send us an email or give us a call.



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Congratulations to Sam Wood, MVP for another year

Sam’s been a Microsoft MVP every year since 2008, so around this time each year, he acts a little like this:

(Just another reason why remote working is such a positive thing at times)

Congrats, Sam!

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