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March 2014 Entries

drLykke.no and Elasticsearch

We’ve been quiet on the blogging front since the dawn of the new year - our New Zealand friends and customers may have noticed we’ve been pretty busy! That’s largely been because we’ve had our heads down working on a new shop for one of our Norwegian customers, which opened its virtual doors yesterday. Check it out over at http://www.drlykke.no/

The new shop is a collaboration between ourselves, the team in Norway, and the FiveMinutes team in Croatia. On top of its shiny new design it also includes some interesting technical changes under the hood, as we’ve moved to a custom solution based on Elasticsearch as our search solution of choice.

We’ve previously been using GCS (Google Commerce Search) as our search provider, however Google is retiring the product soon which led us to evaluate other providers. Really, we should thank Google for forcing us to do that, because so far we’ve been really impressed with Elasticsearch and are looking forward to using it in more sites and applications in future.

The drlykke.no site is currently only using Elasticsearch for its search and type ahead search functions, however we have more features coming very shortly which utilise it in other interesting ways.

If you’ve got a site or project that needs a powerful and fast search provider then we highly recommend you take a look at Elasticsearch – and if you need a development partner to give you a hand with it, then it goes without saying that we recommend you drop us a line.



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