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October 2014 Entries

SFF’s new ‘On Account’ Payment Provider

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Ignition is providing flexible solutions that can be developed further as your business grows and changes.  One of our customers recently came to use with the request to add further options to how their customers can pay for their goods.

The Limery, a boutique Hawkes Bay orchard specialising in Limes, wanted their customers to be able to order online but pay via a credit account at the end of the month. This needed to be an option available only to customers who had credit approval and required sending order confirmation emails to the customer’s Head Office if needed.

Working with The Limery we developed additional functionality for the Site Foundation Framework that would not only meet their requirements, but would also be applicable to our other customers.  The new ‘On Account’ feature works just like another payment provider. Customers who are approved to pay on account are able to choose between the standard payment provider or paying on account. When paying on account they won’t need to enter any credit card details and the order will be marked as unpaid in the Site Foundation Framework admin area. Goods can then be shipped and the customer invoiced at the end of the month as per the usual company invoicing process.

To help with invoicing and administration we’ve also extended shop and order administration areas of the Site Foundation Framework. We now have additional reporting functionality to show unpaid accounts, the ability to mark orders as paid, specifying which customers have authority to pay by account and the addition of a head office code to link accounts were just some of the changes. We’ve also updated provided new and improved functionality to allow you to export your order details to Excel, which is handy for end of month processing or importing into an accounting system such as Xero (are you a Xero customer who’s interested in Xero integration? Please drop us a line and let you know if you are, as we’d like to know how much demand there is for this).

Here’s a bit more about the new ‘On Account’ features in Site Foundation Framework:

Site Foundation Framework – you can now pay ‘on account’

Our ‘On Account’ functionality means that you can allow approved customers to purchase online without online payment. You can then add that amount to their account in your usual accounting system and invoice them at the end of the month.  It’s perfect if you have regular customers who don’t want to run through your payment provider for every transaction.

The ‘On account’ feature includes:

For you:

  • Admin set ‘on account’ rights – you choose who has access and can remove or revoke access at any time
  • Run reports allowing you to generate invoices via your usual accounting process for each customer
  • Mark orders as paid when you receive the money in your account (after invoicing via your usual accounting process)
  • On account reporting – pull reports on who has purchased using ‘on account’ and show orders with outstanding payment
  • Allows a number of user accounts to be linked so that the outstanding payments can be grouped for reporting. This is perfect if your customer has a number of branches but the bill is to be sent to a head office.

For your customers:

  • No requirement to provide payment/credit card information for orders
  • The ‘on account’ payment option is shown at checkout (for authorised users only) so they choose between your usual payment providers and putting the purchase on account
  • Each customer branch can have its own login which is linked to the head office
  • Head offices receive confirmation of order emails for any accounts linked to it

If you are interested in the ‘on account’ functionality please feel free to contact us so we can discuss how it might work for you further.



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