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SEO and other snake oil discussion

Forcing HTTPS onto the world for fun and profit

Introduction In January 2017 Google is planning to change how Chrome displays whether a user’s connection to a website is encrypted or not – that is to say, if the site uses HTTPS and uses it properly. It’s part of a major push by Google and other browser vendors to help make the web a more secure place for everyone. Mozilla (the folks behind Firefox) and Apple (the folks who create amazingly stylish adapters and cables) are also working towards more encryption; and US Government sites are required to use HTTPS by default by the end of this year. Google...

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File Size Matters

Optimising your images for uploading to your website Recently I’ve been tasked with adding images to websites so clients can see how they will look, before they go live. These are usually stock images and can be quite large. As I was working on this, it occurred to me that clients uploading their own images to their websites may not know how best to prepare them for the web. I’ve done some research, as it’s an area I’ve not dealt with that often before, and thought that I should share my findings with you using an infographic, so that your...

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Update your website, because Google says so.

If you’re someone who keeps a keen eye on the Analytics traffic to your site, or if you just want to make sure Google ranks you as high as possible, then there’s a couple of things going on in the world of Google right now that you might be interested in. Starting from April 21st, Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher than those without mobile support. Google already started highlighting mobile friendly sites last year (the image on the right is an example of how it appears), so the move to use this as a factor in a...

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SEO for your website – Are you smarter than Google?

After reading Ross’s recent post on SEO I couldn’t help but want to add my 2 cents worth. Having worked with Ignition on various projects for over a year now I’ve found myself discussing SEO with a number of clients and acquaintances.  Everyone seems to have heard of SEO but often people’s perception of it seems grounded in outsmarting search engines rather than creating fantastic websites. So, are you smarter than Google? Many people seem to think that they can make a boring site popular through SEO.  By adding keywords and metatags, that match popular search terms, they assume they...

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SEO, Snake Oil and Special Sauce

When you’re working on the web, the topic of SEO (aka Search Engine Optimisation, or optimization for any American readers) is always going to come up at some point or another. We don’t offer specialist SEO services, but we do know a couple of things about SEO. However we’re constantly struggling to find a good way of explaining what exactly SEO is to our customers, whether they need it or not, and if they do, then how much do they need? What’s worse is that there’s a lot of self proclaimed “SEO experts” out there who do nothing to help...

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