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Demystifying Hosting Costs

Sometimes your website can feel a bit like an ungrateful child. You bring it into this world, and from that moment on it keeps asking for money and attention. Hosting costs, domain renewals, upgrades, and if you’re running WordPress or Drupal, constant screams of “WHAAAA I’VE BEEN HACKED!”. Unlike an ungrateful child, your website hopefully won’t steal your car and go on a joyride after mixing rocket fuel from your top shelf liquor and end up being picked up by the cops at 2am after being caught tagging the local over bridge. Yet. Unfortunately we can’t change the fact that...

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Talking about working remotely

I came across a couple of links talking about working remotely. It’s something we’re big believers in here at Ignition, so I thought I’d post them here: Why We (Still) Believe in Working Remotely – I especially like point #3, as we believe it’s way more positive to look at the code that people are checking in, rather than making sure they’re sitting at their desk for a certain amount of hours per day. A (Short) Rant About Working Remotely Remote working isn’t suitable for every business, or for every person, but it works well for us.

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Facebook Advertising – How does that work?

So once you've got your brand new sparkly e-commerce website up and running you're sorted! Well, kind of. Now it's time to find some customers and just because you built it doesn't mean they'll come running. If your customers use Facebook then this could be a great place to start your advertising campaign. It is simple to use, appropriate for any budget and because it works on a cost per click (CPC) basis you'll only pay for results. What's more, all the lovely personal information people enter in their Facebook profiles allows you to target specific audiences so you can...

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