We Create custom web applications & killer websites

Our websites put the control in your hands. We use software such as Umbraco CMS that contains a vast array of features out of the box, however it's also easily extendable and scalable so it can grow and evolve as your business does.

Ecommerce features include easy product editing, support for NZ and overseas payment providers, payment options for your credit authorised customers, promotion codes, and shop reporting and exporting.

A website from us isn't "just a website" - it's a custom web development solution that is tailored to your exact business needs.



    AFFCO were looking for a complete overhaul of the AFFCO New Zealand site design and functionality. Working with AFFCO’s design partner the site was built with a responsive design and customised Umbraco 8 CMS.

    The CMS setup allows AFFCO to add and edit content building flexible pages using multiple design configurations.

    In addition, Ignition Development created tools in the Umbraco Backoffice to configure regions for livestock buyers using map tools. This data is then used on the website to allow farmers to find the buyer in their region.

    Front-end design used CSS Grid which is native to the browser gives enormous flexibility, speed and responsiveness across multiple device types.


  2. Thermosash


    This project took a very information-dense site and upgraded it and modernised it while making it easy for the client to add their content.

    Built on Umbraco 8 the pages and editor experience is designed to cater for the exact needs of this customer’s many different types of pages.

    Thermosash required the ability to add and change content on both products and projects with ease, as well as offering a well-laid out site that is easy to navigate for their users, many of whom may be out and about while accessing the site.

    Ignition built a bespoke solution which was fully-responsive using CSS Grid and Umbraco, this allowed Thermosash to add the facility for clients to download technical spec documents quickly and easily.


  3. Green Gorilla

    Green Gorilla

    Green Gorilla required a site where users can book the hire of their skip bins and find out information about waste management and recycling. The site built on Umbraco 7 allows Green Gorilla to set skip bin pricing per suburb, configure availability and track orders.

    With changes in rubbish collections in Auckland, additional functionality was added to allow households to have general waste collections made by Green Gorilla.

    More recently quick forms allow the customer to take online pickup orders of Gorilla Bags have been added.


  4. Blivakker.no


    BliVakker ("become beautiful") is a Norwegian e-commerce website specialising in cosmetics and beauty products, and was the first of now many fixed price e-commerce stores in the Brandsdal Group.

    It has been so successful that the concept has now been rolled out to other European and Scandinavian countries under the Cocopanda brand (which we are also proud to have been involved with).

    BliVakker‘s most recent update gave the store a modern, responsive design, as well as adding a number of functional improvements.

    Originally built on Microsoft ASP.NET Webforms, it was updated to use MVC in 2013. The website platform (built by Ignition Development in conjunction with Brandsdal Group's development team) allows for logic to be shared amongst multiple e-commerce stores and ensures important aspects including styling, payment providers and shipping providers can be customised for each one.


  5. Filthyproductions.tv

    Filthy Productions

    Filthy Productions is a Television production company based in New Zealand. They produce the ‘Filthy Rich’ and ‘Dirty Laundry’ dramas as seen on TVNZ.

    This project was to build a web presence for Filthy Productions so that they could easily showcase their shows, communicate with fans and provide information for anyone wanting to know more about Filthy Rich or Dirty Laundry.

    We built their website on Umbraco CMS with a responsive design. The design used a template as a starting point in order to speed up the design process. This design was then customised to include a gold text effect and to incorporate a number of sliders to showcase imagery and video. A number of custom animations were also added to provide a smart modern touch.


  6. PointPaper.nz

    Point Paper

    Point paper are a card and cartonboard wholesaler in Auckland.

    As a new company, the website was designed to provide a professional web presence. The site needed to be constructed quickly to a high standard and to allow the company to easily add/edit content in future. These requirements needed to be met within a modest budget.

    Our team succeeded on both fronts. The new PointPaper website was produced with help of the client. By providing the content in an organised and timely manner, we were able to get this site completed in a short timeframe. The client was very sure of what the content should be, what look and feel they were after, and supplied the content to us with all imagery ready to go. We used a responsive design template as a starting point, which was then adapted to fit the customer’s need and showcase the new brand to the greatest effect.

    This was a great example of how a high impact website can be built quickly and at a low cost when the objectives are well defined and the required information is at hand.

    Point Paper was built on the Umbraco CMS which provides a very versatile and easy to use content editor for the customer for ongoing website edits.


  7. zauled.co.nz


    Zauled is a workflow training organisation that operates primarily in Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand. They specialise in helping corporate groups, executives and executive assistants manage their workflow and improve their productivity.

    The intention was to modernise the site providing a clean, fresh, look and feel that better demonstrates Zauled’s philosophies.

    This presented an opportunity to create a website with concise content and a simple, easy to follow navigation. To achieve this, we built the Zauled site using our own Site Foundation Framework with a responsive template design.


  8. K9Heaven.co.nz

    K9 Heaven

    K9 Heaven run high quality dog daycare and boarding kennels with in-house grooming services based in West Auckland.

    They have always had a very modern looking website, but in 2015 their previous design was starting to show its age. The new design was produced by Steve Leggat as a more up-to-date iteration of his previous one.

    The design aims to allow users to navigate the site via the content without relying heavily on navigation menus. In fact, the home page doesn’t have a navigation menu at all, instead directing users by clearly defined imagery and text.

    The website was built on Site Foundation Framework using a custom design, and Bootstrap was used to make everything responsive.


  9. chiasso.co.nz

    Chiasso Coffee

    Chiasso Coffee is an Auckland-based artisan coffee roasting company who supply commercial and individual clients.

    A long-standing customer of Ignition, their original Site Foundation Framework e-commerce website recently needed a refresh. We made their website responsive and added some shiny animations.

    Using a responsive platform means the site looks good and functions well on any device.


    “ We have worked with our web development partners Ignition Development for the past 6 years... Their fresh, creative thinking has been the driving force behind our last two websites. Technical concepts are always demonstrated in an easy to understand, user-friendly way. We are absolutely in love with our new site... such a great result would not have been possible without the Ignition Development team. ” Jono, Chiasso Coffee