What is this thing Site FoundationFramework

The Site Foundation Framework is Ignition Development’s Content Management Solution for creating attractive and easy to maintain websites. It may not have an interesting name, but it delivers real results.

take control

Puts the power in your hands 

Make a mess of your website, when and where you like! We let you add content, pages and images to your heart's content. Actually, it's so good that we use it ourselves.

adapts with your business

Extends and adapts as your business does 

Who knows what you'll need from your website in 6 months or 2 years. Site Foundation Framework has been built so that we can extend it to ensure it meets your needs now and in the future.

secure, managed and monitored

Secure, managed and monitored hosting 

We'll look after your site once it's up and running. We care about security and monitor our websites to catch issues before you and your customers notice anything amiss.

What you need to know

Site Foundation Framework helps us to deliver eCommerce enabled sites quickly, while saving our customers money at the same time. Customers get the ability to manage site content and products themselves, enabling them to make changes whenever they need to without any cost.

What does this mean? That as a customer, you get more site for your money, as well as an assurance that the code behind your site is well tested and is being actively developed and improved.

Main Features

  •  Reduce your ongoing costs with the ability to edit your own content
  •  Our sites are eCommerce enabled, supporting a range of different payment providers
  •  Our shop functionality contains features such promotion codes (compatible with providers such as Living Social), reporting, and much more
  •  Easily extensible – we can create any custom functionality you require
  •  It's simple to setup attractive image slideshows, where you can add and remove images quickly and easily at any time
  •  SEO out of the box, and easy to tune and refine as required
  •  Social media integration

Additional Features (the technical stuff)

  •  Powered by industry standard technology – runs on ASP.NET 4.0 and all recent versions of SQL Server
  •  Need PCI Compliance? Talk to developers who understand PCI DSS and what it means for your business
  •  A range of hosting options to suit your customers - we can provide NZ and US based hosting, choose whichever option is best for your customers

Interested in knowing more about Site Foundation Framework, or want to get in touch to kick off a project using it? Drop us a line or use our project request form to tell us about your project.