Uh oh, something's wrong? Support

It's our goal to get your issue sorted as quickly as possible! Please take a moment to read the following information to help us help you.

Email our Support address and a ticket will automatically be created in our systems, and the team will be notified. Alternatively, if you're a customer with an account in our Bug Tracking System (Ignition Support Systems, aka ISS), then please login and create a ticket there.

Our support systems are setup to automatically notify the team when new issues are created. If you've had email dialogue with one or more Team Members previously then it might seem like a good idea to email them directly, but please don't do this - if that person is away or busy then it may affect the time taken to resolve your issue.

Occasionally an issue arises that affects more than one customer. When that happens, we'll post a quick update via Twitter, so please check there before getting in touch in case we're already on it! Our most recent Tweets have been included at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Email our Support address
Ignition Support Systems (registered customers only)
Ignition Development on Twitter